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A Cut Above

Mobile Home Service, Repair, Skirting, Leveling, Construction, and Foundation Repair

Serving Dallas and Fort Worth (Ft Worth) Texas (TX) And All Central Texas
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A Cut Above means mobile home service, repair, leveling, foundation repair and construction

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Retrofit Special: NOW $2499. Includes FREE LEVELING and All Parts and Labor. All Required Engineering Reports available at extra charge.

Mobile Home Permanent Foundation Solution

Increase the value of your manufactured home with our PermaSet Permanent foundation construction.

Turn your mobile home into valuable real estate with permanent foundation solution.
Here is how it works.
We dig 24 x 24 x 24 inches into the ground at multiple strategic locations around your existing home.
Pour concrete reinforced footer and pier with solid steel bars with embedded 8 inch I-beam
Weld I-beams to the strongest part of the frame.
Place several I-beams around your home.

Advantages of Permanent Foundation Solution

  • Never needs releveling. Saves hundreds of dollars per year
  • Much more resistant to wind damage than retrofit solution
  • Extremely resistant to earthquake damage
  • Incrreased rididity. No more stuck windows and doors
  • Meets all Texas Certifications and FHA approvals for manufactured homes
  • Substantially inreases value of your property
  • Foundation has Lifetime Guarantee!
permanent pier foundation
Permanent Foundation Concrete Pier and Footer with embedded I-Beam